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Chris Ognek
Chris Ognek

Your “Did You Know” Local Expert and Most Recommended Realtor

Call or email today for a free, no risk home sale or home purchase consultation. I’ll provide you with extremely valuable financial, planning, and risk information to use in your transaction regardless of whether you ask me to help you.

It's natural to feel stressed or worried when buying or selling a home - it’s the largest financial transaction you’ll make before retirement. The truth is, you should be concerned and cautious, there are a lot of risks… but also tremendous benefits.

That’s why its important to choose the most experienced and most recommended Realtor you can find - a true professional with proven ability to deliver the results you want and deserve.

- Proven Results
- Financial Benefits with highest sales prices for home sellers and best values for home buyers
- Constant Communication
- Creative Problem Solving
- Expert Negotiating
- Reduced Risk, Stress, and Expenses

For me, being an expert in real estate means being an expert problem solver. I successfully helped over 1,000 clients buy and sell homes with my expertise in marketing, negotiating, communicating, mortgages, taxes, contracts, risk management, and more. On each and every transaction, I work diligently to help solve problems and maximize the benefits of buying or selling a home. I communicate frequently to help keep your stress level low and your move smooth.

Who am I?

Before real estate, I was a Navy pilot flying jets off of aircraft carriers. My last jobs as a Naval Officer was working at US Central Command HQ in Tampa, Florida. Above the main entrance door there is a large sign that says very simply “Plan. Fight. Win.” I’ve adapted that mantra to business - and life - by saying “Plan. Work. Win.” In a nutshell, this is what I do for clients every day. I help them win, and in order to win, we need to plan. I will design and execute a plan and strategy for helping you reach your home sale or purchase goals while saving you time, hassle, and money. Details matter. Planning and working with an expert and professional who knows the “right” answers is the formula for success.

Client Success Stories

Home Sellers: One of my favorite client stories is Lindsay H. Lindsay was a single mom with a home that was paid off but she was on the verge of financial distress. She needed to sell her current home after a divorce and move into a smaller home with her two children. Luckily she called me before signing any paperwork with the agent and lender she was taking with and I was able to structure her sale and purchase in a way that saved her $35,000 in costs and fees and took away 90% of the personal risk she almost exposed herself to.

- I saved a client $50,000 when an appraisal came in low. Knowing the rules and how to manage people is one of the many ways I generate results for my clients. Within 24 hours, I was able to get the appraisal corrected and raised $50,000 so my clients received their full contract sales price.

- Eli and his wife saved nearly $20,000 in taxes when I advised them on how I would negotiate and structure the terms for the sale of their home.

- David and Rose didn’t sell their home. I spent an hour with this couple learning about their personal financial situation and goals and advised them that I thought it would be a huge mistake to sell their home. There were many financial things they needed to do as a family but selling their home was not one of them. Money problems are reported as the number one cause of divorce and had I sold their home, it would have sent them down a very difficult financial path and put them at a very high risk of divorce. After our meeting they implemented the financial plans and strategies we discussed and we kept them in their home.

Home Buyers: Let’s face it - when you are buying a home you don’t want a sales person. You want an advocate and a consultant to guide you through the process and help you maximize all the benefits of your purchase. I tell new clients “I will be the first person to tell you “don’t buy this house.” As you are buying a home, I am already thinking about selling it which means I include advising you on the long term costs of ownership and financial benefits of owning your home.

- Mike and his wife had 7 children and need a home twice the size as they were living in. Mike was a veteran and really wanted to use his VA loan but we found a perfect home for them at a discounted price because it needed a lot of work. It wouldn’t qualify for a VA loan so I structured their transaction as an FHA mortgage, included all the costs of the home repair with the mortgage, and advised them to refinance in 6 months into their VA loan benefit to save money. The result was they moved into a newly renovated home below their budget and with nearly $60,000 of equity!

- Chris and Tanya wanted to buy their first home. They both had great incomes and could afford much more house than they really needed. We talked about their plans for growing their family and it would be at least 5 years before having children. My advice was to spend much less on their home purchase than they were planning - at least $100,000 less. I thought the better financial plan was to save and invest more instead of paying interest and taxes on a home that was far more than they really needed. Eight years later, we sold their home and they used their incredible savings and cash profit from their sale to buy a gorgeous home they plan to live in for the next 20 years.

I Can Help You Build a New Home

Most home buyers don’t realize they can have an expert Realtor help them through the new construction process with community developments, finding land, and with finding a local builder. Commissions are paid by sellers and contrary to common belief, you don’t get a better deal from a builder if you don’t use a Realtor. Its often quite the opposite.

Sellers, Did you know…

- Depending on the type of mortgage you have, you can save an entire month of mortgage interest when selling your home when your Realtor negotiates the right closing date.

- I can negotiate for you to rent back your home after closing on your sale to reduce risk, hassle, and stress and accommodate your move to a new home.

- When selling a home, putting too many pictures, renderings, and video tours online is the worst thing you can do. It can kill your sale!

- There are many more ways for home Sellers to save money and avoid risk, all it takes is a conversation to put the right plan together for you.

Buyers, Did you know…

- There are mortgages available to buy a home completely “as is” and include all the costs of repairs and upgrades with the mortgage. You can have new kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, roofs, windows, garages, and more!

- There are many mortgage programs and as your Realtor, its my job to help you use the right mortgage on the right house (right tool for the right job) to save you as much money as possible with your home purchase.

- There are many more ways for Home Buyers to save money and avoid risk, I will work to help you navigate the process and structure your purchase in most advantageous way possible.

For My Fellow Veterans, Did you Know…

- You can have up to 4 VA loans at one time.

- A seller can pay off debt at closing for you. (I had a seller pay off my car loan!)

- If you get a VA disability rating of at least 10%, your VA funding fee will be waived which will save you tens of thousands of dollars on your home purchases over your lifetime!

- If you don’t have a disability rating, you will save thousands of dollars by putting 5% down because it will reduce your funding fee to 1.15%.

- You can include up to $35,000 to repair or renovate a home and include the costs in your VA mortgage.

- You can borrow up to $6,000 with your VA mortgage when you purchase a home for energy efficient upgrades like appliances, windows, water heaters, and HVAC system.

Are You Moving Out of the Area or Out of State?

If often refer folks to other experts through the Unites States. One of the best ways to ensure you are working with a top performing agent is to get referred by your local top performing agent. The referral costs you absolutely nothing and there is no obligation, its completely free and part of my service and commitment to clients and community members. The referral helps create an added level of accountability because I remain available to help you through your transaction with the agent I referred you to.

Investors and Buying Rental Properties

I help both experienced and new real estate investors with investment property purchases and sale.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t know

I hire the best doctors, tax preparers, financial planners, and lawyers I can find because I understand and appreciate the results professionals can deliver. I’m not an expert in those fields so when I need those services, I want the most experienced professional I can find with a track record of success. I don’t know what I don’t know which is why I trust those experts to help guide me through making the best decisions for my family and I.

The same is true for real estate. Its hard to find “the best” in any profession but I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for folks to learn more about the level of service I provide by asking past clients to leave online reviews about their experiences with me. Nothing will convey the commitment, dedication, and seriousness I practice every day to deliver results for my clients better than their own words so please be sure to read some of those reviews.

Call or email today for a free, no risk home sale or home purchase consultation. Chris Ognek, Broker/Owner, Q Real Estate Cell: 540.834.7343

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