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Chris Ognek
Chris Ognek

The two most important questions any home seller or home buyer can ask when looking for an agent is "how many homes have you bought and sold in the last 12 months?" and "what do your past clients say about you?" Chris Ognek is the most recommended agent in the area and personally sells 65-75 homes per year. He is an expert in real estate sales, marketing, and finance and his clients receive tremendous benefits from his expertise. Chris's goal is to identify and take advantage of every opportunity available to his clients to maximize the benefits of their home sale or home purchase. His skills in contract negotiations, planning, and finance often save or create tens of thousands of dollars in benefits in a single transaction. Getting started is simple and easy. Using the orange "Contact Me" button on the top left of this page below Chris's picture, email Chris to say "hello." Please include the best day and time to reach you. Chris will quickly contact you to learn more about how he can be of service.

*** The Biggest Missed Opportunity for Home Buyers in any Market *** Most home buyers make the mistake of worrying more about trying to find the right house instead of trying to find the right agent. The right agent will help you find the right home and can make your transaction as smooth and as beneficial as possible, avoiding costly mistakes in the process. No homebuyer can spend the next 10-20 years gaining the same level of knowledge and experience as a true real estate professional so leveraging a top agent's skills will save you an enormous amount of time, money, and hassles.

You've worked hard for your money and deserve the best possible home for the least amount of money. Savvy home buyers know how important it is to take advantage of the expertise of a top agent to maximize the benefits of their home purchase.

Wether you are a first time buyer, relocating, or looking for a dream home, there are things Chris can do for you that most home buyers never get to benefit from. The reason is Chris doesn't talk or act like a sales person. He works as your personal home buying consultant who uses his vast knowledge of real estate, finance, mortgages, and home design to deliver a strategy and a plan that delivers the best possible home and the lifestyle his clients want and deserve. Chris helps clients and friends throughout northern Virginia combine their personal, financial and home ownership goals to achieve the lifestyle they want.

Most agents drive around town looking for a home that matches what their client is looking for, hoping they will settle for what is currently on the market. The biggest missed opportunity in real estate is knowing the secret of how to create the home you are looking for.

Chris's clients have an advantage over all other home buyers in the market. Some of the things Chris teaches his clients are how to:
- Access inventory that other home buyers never have the opportunity to see.
- Double your money in real estate.
- Avoid spending years and thousands of extra dollars paying down your mortgage.
- Move in with equity.
- Get the most home and amenities for your budget.
- Use the Market Multiplier System and the techniques real estate investors have been using for decades to buy your own home.
- Take advantage of a little known government mortgage program to create the home and lifestyle you and your family want and deserve.

The best part about benefiting from Chris's knowledge and abilities is that it is absolutely FREE to home buyers. Home sellers pay for real estate services, not home buyers. There is no reason why you should miss out on all the advantages Chris's clients are benefitting from. You deserve the best help in finding your next home.
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